Digital Marketing in 2017 for Australian Enrepreneurs

Every aspiring Australian entrepreneur knows that it doesn’t matter how good of an idea, product or service they have if they don’t attract enough clients. Nowadays when most of the population of any developed country has access to the Internet, including Australia of course, having an Online presence for your business is a must. Let’s cover 2 of the most important Digital Marketing methods to get as much exposure as you can for your business: SEO and SMM.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an amalgam of methods to basically optimize your website’s pages to rank higher and higher in Google’s search engine when someone searches for a keyword related to your website, or even other search engines such as Yahoo or Bing. Any digital agency around will focus mainly on optimizing a website’s pages, as it is the best way to attract targeted audience to your website and to increase the online visibility of your business. Search Engine Optimization has 2 important parts: the on page and the off page SEO.

On page optimization is referring to what exactly you do on your website to make the Google bot rank you higher for relevant terms related to your product or service, these terms are also known as keywords. Here are some tips for Australian businesses:

have descriptions to your each of your products or services pages, the description should be articles of 400 or more words; use relevant keywords for each of the articles on your pages, for example, use “cheap Samsung Edge 7” at least a couple times on your page if the page is about selling that particular smartphone;

if you have a physical location for your business, like a shop for example, and you’re just promoting it through the Internet make sure you use relevant keywords to attract local clients, such as “Melbourne smartphone shop”;

make sure you don’t overuse the same phrase too many times, once every 100-150 words should be enough.

Off page optimization is referring to what impact other pages on the Internet have on your website, the more mentions you get from outside of your website that are related to your product or service, the higher you will rank on Google. Here are some tips for Australian businesses:

create social media pages for your website on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, even Pinterest or Instagram and update them regularly;

once your website starts getting some visitors you can submit it to web directories such as in the proper category;

try to guest post on popular websites or blogs that are at least slightly related to your market niche;

offer free products or services to popular bloggers in Australia that can review your business, for example contact an IT blog owner if he would be interested reviewing the new Samsung Edge phone that you will send for free if they mention your website on their blog post.

SEO is a complex part of digital marketing that requires a lot of time and patience, but these tips should help you get started in the right direction.

SMM or Social Media Marketing involves promoting your pages through various social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter or maybe YouTube. Here are some small tips that Australian business owners can apply for more exposure:

have a Facebook page, make it attractive and invite all your friends to like it, you can also create some Facebook ads for your page or important posts that can attract more customers, but make sure to target properly;

create a Twitter profile and post on it daily new articles, discounts or just simple messages related to your niche that can attract followers and potential clients;

If you can post original pictures on your niche you should also try both Pinterest and Instagram, Pinterest has very high conversion rates if you are active and your photos are high quality.

These are just a few tips to get you started on your SMM journey, but remember the most important one: try to be active, post regularly and engage in conversations with your fans or followers.

Digital Marketing is getting more complex and time consuming every year, but if you are dedicated to succeed in this Online environment you should put the time and effort into it or hire a good digital agency to do it for you. In this “speed era” remember the popular phrase: if you aren’t Online you don’t exist!

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